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Prospective partners, please contact us for more information.

Thank you for coming to find out more about our CO2 Sorted programme. Haere mai!

We want people to visit our beautiful country, but we realise New Zealand is a long way from many places in the world. CO2 Sorted is a carbon offset programme for travellers with a difference.

Our partners in the tourism industry agree that New Zealand businesses should also bare some of the cost of your carbon miles. Our partners will offer you a discount on their accommodation, or services, when you purchase a CO2 Sorted Package.

To make things as fair as possible, the further you travel to visit us, the deeper the discount our partners will offer.

Moreover, our CO2 sorted package includes the donation of one tree to the Te Kopi Biodiversity Project (

Our partners have either completed a Carbon South emissions audit and have an emissions reduction plan in place, or have demonstrated to us that they have measures in place to improve the sustainability of their business.

Carbon credits will be sourced from projects within New Zealand – either methane land fill projects, or wind farm projects. The carbon credits are purchased from the project owner, transferred to our account on a carbon registry and then retired. In most cases the credits will be Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs).

CO2 Sorted Package Carbon Offset (Return Travel) Te Kopi Tree Donation Partner Discount*
Europe London-Auckland One Tree 15.50%
US Los Angeles–Auckland One Tree 11.00%
Asia Hong Kong–Auckland One Tree 10.00%
South America Santiago Chile–Auckland One Tree 10.00%
South Africa Durban–Auckland One Tree 12.00%
Middle East Dubai–Auckland One Tree 13.00%
Australia Sydney-Auckland One Tree 5%

*Partners have agreed to the above discount on advertised prices. Carbon South takes no responsibility for any dispute regarding discount between our CO2 Sorted partners and package purchasers.

Please contact our CO2 Sorted Partners directly for prices. Please jump to CO2 Sorted Partners for a list. If where you want to stay, or the service you wish to purchase isn’t a CO2 Sorted member, please tell the operator to drop us a line and partner up. We look forward to seeing you and enjoy your time in New Zealand! Look out for the logo below:

frequently asked questions

What is a carbon credit (offset) anyway?
Please jump to the carbon credits section of our website where you will find a brief explanation entitled “Carbon Credits 101.”

How are carbon miles calculated?
We refer to factors included in data provided by New Zealand’s Ministry For The Environment. These factors are multiplied by your flight miles resulting in a figure for your emissions in tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2-e).

What if I didn’t get on my flight at London or Hong Kong?
As long as you come from a destination in Europe, the US, Asia, South America, South Africa, the Middle East or Australia our partners will be happy to sell you a CO2 Sorted Package. We admit this is not an exact science. Notwithstanding, most of your long-haul flight emissions will be accounted for by our packages whatever your home airport is.

Doesn’t the price of carbon and offsets fluctuate?
Yes, but we will do our best at Carbon South to smooth out the lumps. We will review package pricing quarterly.

Can I buy a CO2 Sorted package after arriving in New Zealand?
Yes. It does not matter when you offset your flight emissions.

Will all CO2 Sorted partners offer me a discount?
No. Only the business you buy the package from is obligated to offer you a discount. We hope to launch some form of universal package in the near future.

Can I buy a CO2 Sorted package directly from Carbon South?
No. Please go to one of our partners to purchase a package. By encouraging more partners to sign up we are hoping that the knock-on effect will be more environmentally friendly services and places to stay in New Zealand

Are there any hidden costs?
No. Your purchase is spent on buying carbon credits and donating one tree to the Te Kopi Biodiversity Project. Carbon South charges a commission on the purchase of offsets and an administration fee.

Why charge an administration fee?
Each purchase and retirement of carbon credits has to be entered in our carbon ledger. We have a different ledger for each CO2 Sorted Partner and we also have to administer the credits on the carbon exchange. This all takes time.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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